Which Business Models?

Use the business model preference settings to focus on startups that operate business models you know, like or believe in. It is an effective tool to filter-out all the noise you may not be interested in.

Early Concept or Profitable?

As early as possible?

Joining projects early allows you to benefit from higher input valuations of your smart capital - due to higher investment risks.

Middle or late entry?

A late entry may allow you to join proven teams or proven minimal viable products, possibly even steady and increasing revenues. In turn, smart capital contributions may be valued lower or deal terms may not be as favorable as would be the case in early stage investments.

Which Customer Groups?

Business to business, business to customer, customer to customer (e.g.: eBay, Air B`n B, etc.). Use these preference settings to focus on startups that deal with customer groups you know, prefer or have a better feeling for. You may select as many as you like.

How Smart Capital Investments work?

Smart Capital Roles

Purpose of Roles

Roles offer an alternative to task-based smart capital investments. Experts may become active in different ways and still participate in project and pool earnings.

Project related

Ambassador roles are PR-based and allow experts to leverage their networks while Advisor roles come in classic forms. Experts may be interested to have a Co-founder status or to join a venture as a (partial) C-Level.

Ecosystem related

Support us to grow the ecosystem, support startup management to coordinate task implementation / delivery among their smart capital investors. All role related activities are linked to the points system and as such to all earnings of all projects.

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