For your entire investment pipeline

Deal Flow

Customize your deal flow

New Deals

This is your only hard-coded list. Here you will find new investment opportunities according to your settings in investment preferences.

Trello-style Deal Flow Management

Just drag and drop projects to a new status, where the counter is reset. You can easily monitor the length of stay at a given status.

Rename & use privately

You can use the deal flow management tool for your own deals, enjoy it. If you have any suggestions, please share them with us. Feel free to rename the status lists to match those of your existing definitions.

Create Deal Memos

Unlimited Memos per Deal

Add questions to ask founders, leave thoughts about a market or competitors or use as a reminder to request more details. A convenient tool to keep all memos per deal in one place, e.g. the reasons you would like to go in.

Linked to private Scoring Board

Add more depth to your memos! We have just added private scoring boards and linked them to your deal memos. Use ready-made sliders in 5 categories and 3 questions to enrich your memos or where to ask more questions.

New to 7Founders and Smart Capital Investments?

Send access requests or make investment offers

Request access to Data- or Deal Rooms

Simply drag a project card to "data-room" or "deal-room" to open the access request dialogue window. You can leave founders a private message too.

Send an Investment Offer

Same concept, simply drag a project card to "active investment". If you want to place an investment offer, you can suggest additional budgets and leave a message for a founder-team.

Suggest Startups & Earn Points

Become a Deal Scout

If anyone in your network is starting a new project or working in a startup, introduce them to us. Earn points and participate in the investment earnings of all projects.

About Points

About 20% of every projects earnings are distributed into the points pool. By earning points you will participate in the earnings of every project funded on 7Founders.

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