See who is investing how much and when

Benchmark your
Investment Contributions

Kick-off your Analysis

All Needs of a Project

The needs of a project are grouped into needs to get started (seed), needs in year 1 (angel) and needs to grow (acceleration). In each group, needs are ranked to provide you a quick overview.

Transparent Input Analysis

Click on any need of a project to have a look at its specific investment details. How much is needed and when? How does it compare to other smart capital contributions, etc... The investments detail dashboard has been structured transparently on purpose. Enjoy playing around!

Benchmark your Investment

What is your share vs. others?

See how much "your need" is in comparison to all needs or just to the top 3 needs.

Why this is important!

Please bear in mind: The value of smart capital contributions define the share of investment earnings!

How Smart Capital Investments work?

How much is needed and when?

Monthly Contributions

A comprehensive overview of the monthly smart capital input requirements in any given period of time. Compare with your availabilities and if an engagement is feasible for you or your team.

Percent of Total

This overview provides you with a quick indication of how the cumulated value of a specific need develops versus the value of all needs.

Who is investing how much & when?

Your Investment & top 3

The analysis shows your cumulated investment (total) over time as well as those of the top 3 investors.

Share of Earnings

Get a feeling for how your share of investment earnings is going to develop vs. the share of your fellow investors. Bear in mind: Cumulated inputs define the applicable share of earnings.

Available for all Needs of a Project

The Investment
Benchmarking Cockpit

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