For active project investors

Project Reporting

Actuals vs. Forecast

Month on Month

Quickly identify a months actual performance vs. forecast. This structural logic is applied across all reporting metrics (see below).

Cumulated View

The last couple of month may have shown great progress but is the project above plan? Compare a metrics performance vs. forecast over a longer period of time. You'll quickly see whether the project is in, above or below forecast.

How Smart Capital Investments work?

Freely selectable
reporting metrics

Standard P&L Lines

The performance tracking for portfolio companies includes all standard P&L lines as well as individually monitored performance indicators, as identified throughout the analysis & forecasting processes.

Customize your Dashboard

Easily add or change any key performance indicator on your dashboard. Changing KPIs on your dashboard are saved automatically, so you can keep using it fully dynamically. Save different dashboards with a PRO account.

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