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5 Categories per Project

Every project is scored in 5 key categories (e.g. Product, Market, Financials, Operations, ...), which are adjusted dynamically. Thereby we focus to highlight categories that are most important to look at.

3 Areas per Category

For each category we define 3 areas, which are likely to have a higher impact on a projects success or failure.

How Smart Capital Investments work?

Scoring Results

Only for Participants

Scoring results are only shared with those experts, who have provided their very own scoring first. As such, scoring always occurs unbiased of the communities opinion.

How it works

Use the slider to award 0 - 100 points for each scoring element. You need to complete all 5 categories to see the results at the end. It will not take you more than 30 seconds (excl. thinking time).

Your Opinion vs. Community Consensus

Next to the overall scoring, you will also see your scoring / opinion vs. the community consensus. Quickly identify areas where you may have been too positive or negative and avoid taking a wrong decision.

Frequently asked questions

What is Smart Capital?

We are re-defining the term „Smart Capital“ and in its simplest form, it is the value of expertise of an expert (person or business).

What is a Revenue Share?

A revenue share is a return component for Smart Capital Investors. It can be a percentage of top-line revenues, gross profits, net profits or any other line along a companies P&L. However, a revenue share could also be a fixed amount payable for e.g.: Visits, Sign-Ups, Downloads, Sales or any other KPI.

Revenue Share in addition to Equity?

All 7Founders Smart Capital Investments contain a revenue share in addition to an equity share. It is important to note, that 7Founders usually takes a much lower equity share than classic venture investors do.

A revenue share allows investors to participate in the companies earnings while it grows. Usually, a revenue share applies above a certain threshold, to respect a companies previous growth. As such, revenue shares apply once a certain level of performance has been achieved together.

How do I create my own Smart Capital?

If you are an expert, you simply list your key professional skills via your personal profile area. In a second step you can set your minimum and desired rates per hours.

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