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Investment Tasks

Easily create Lists & Tasks...

It could not be any Quicker…

To create a list and task, simply write the lists name & hit enter! To create a task in that list, simply write the tasks name & hit enter. Thats it.

... + add Little or Loads of Details!

Define Title & Priorities

Use the on-screen add & edit option to add a title, or open the dialogue-window. Quickly define priorities, in addition to creating a priority list in any of your task boards.

Add a Description or Explanation

Use it as a note to self or as a descriptive text window for your team. Upload documents or screenshots and use the commenting feature (PRO). There is essentially no limit to how much text you'll input here.

Assign Responsibilities

Next to adding team members, you can assign responsibilities. The activity tracker (PRO) allows you to monitor the progress of the task in more detail and with various statistics.

Add Start Dates & Deadlines

Add a start and end date of the task to display its projected length in the calendar view. Add a hard-deadline, especially if the tasks delivery is a pre-requisite for other tasks.

From list to list...

Drag and Drop

It does what it say. We love and we are sure you will too! By the way, you can drag and drop entire lists, bringing to front new lists with higher priority and vice versa.

Rename Lists (on Screen)

Rename lists dynamically and on-screen. Just hover-over and start typing.... Keep adjusting the lists title to remaining tasks.

Invite more Team Members

Use the edit window or add team members directly from your tasks board. The feature also allows for the addition of externals, i.e. people whom you have not (yet) associated with your team.

How Smart Capital Investments work?

Manage your Tasks and Team(s)

Birds Eye on Task Duration

Use the calendar view to get a quick overview of all tasks and estimated implementation times / dates.

Manage Team Members

See who is active with what task at any given time and quickly identify empty / available time slots - you may want to use idle time for additional / new investments.

Manage all your
Task Boards

Board Management

Use boards for more complex tasks, subdivided into various lists or use them (one) for an entire project; Its totally up to you.

Pre-defined Boards

We have pre-defined 3 boards for you: Personal boards, project boards (one per Project) and syndicate chairmen boards. You can add unlimited boards (PRO), archive as desired to bring back from archives: You may want to use it as a task diary additionally.

Fully Customizable

Powerful Task Management

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