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Forget about the bottom Line

Tell us what you Need

What do you need to implement your strategy or to reach your goals? Tell us on an item by item basis, e.g. App design (UX & UI), wire-framing, app developers, influencers, viral marketing specialists, .... financial accountants, Co-founders, etc

Quick Start

For a quick start, list categories (design, development, PR, ...) and approximate budgets. You can keep adding details or subcategories at any time.

Data Upload

As an alternative to item by item listing, you can also use our upload template. Copy paste from your financial plan, upload, done. There is practically no limit to the number of needs you may list or the level of detail you want to get into. Furthermore, you can keep adding needs via the needs dashboard.

Swiftly define your Team & Networking Needs

Co-Founders & Team Members

Use the quick-sliders to tell us which kind of team members you need at which level over the next 24 - 48 months. It will only take seconds and we'll define the rest later.

Strategic Partners, Reference-Clients, … 

Provide us with a first indication in which areas you may need introductions or support to get an introduction or to progress in talks. Again, it will only take seconds.

How Smart Capital Investments work?

Monitor the progress of your Campaign in all Funding Buckets

Multiple Micro-Cockpits

Your dashboard provides you with a number of micro-cockpits to help you monitor the progress of your funding campaign. Next to managing your needs in various funding buckets (seed, angel & acceleration), the cockpits provide you with an overview of each (progress, % of total, still required funds, etc.).

You can configure your dashboard according to your needs and thus monitor more closely the progress of a particular funding bucket.