Founders Backstage Area

Pitch Creation &

Chapter-based administration of paragraphs

Suggested Paragraphs

You will find a number of pre-defined paragraph suggestions for each chapter. Feel free to use any of our suggestions or create your very own.

Your Paragraphs

There is virtually no limit as to the quantity of paragraphs you can create. Feel free to use titles which may have a better fit to your story-line. However, we do recommend that business plan - relevant information is transported in each chapter.

Add or edit paragraphs

Landing Pages

Quickly access the add/edit dialogue window via paragraph management or directly via the pitch admin dashboard.

Keep full control

Easily add images or other team members to help you write a paragraph. You may restrict invitations to individual chapters and thus grant non-team members access, without sharing any other details of you pitch or business.

How Smart Capital Investments work?

Manage access to your pitch

Access control made easy

Just drag & drop your team members or invitees to where you want them - back and forth. Grant access or block members. Its up to you and you can keep doing it.

Scope of access

Access control allows you to add team members to your pitch and let them help you to create it. Access will be granted to your entire pitch and its a convenient way vs. a more narrow, paragraph-based access control.